The one and only "Charbonnade"

No need to ask for the menu, you come to the Tavern only for its charbonnade in the very place where it was invented.

It's always a pleasure to come here: we offer at each table a real brazier so that everyone is free to grill the meat its own way, served with a wide choice of sauces elaborated by Ms Schmidt and her daughter 40 years ago.

Quality comes first

What makes us go through the years and be successful is the quality of our products – we pay a special attention to meats – and the service provided to the customers. From summer to winter the place is always full of happy people and clients can enjoy the animated atmosphere around the idyllic terrace when sunny days come. So if you want to be part of this culinary and joyful experience we strongly advise you to make a reservation.

We count among our dearest and most loyal customers people from one generation to the next. After satisfying the fathers, the sons came drawn by the exquisite taste of la charbonnade. Moreover, our staff continues to respect a certain « savoir-faire ».